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Raised 100% of total (13500 €).

A special thanks to everyone who helped to make this project happen:

Platinum Supporter
  • Mr. Nicholas and Mrs. Sue Whelan
  • Rotary Club Sorø
Gold Supporter
  • Fam. Attesti
  • Mrs. Nancy Murphy
Silver Supporters
  • Mr. Sandro Addario e Mrs. Niccoletta Magi Diligenti
  • Mr. Pierre Boschi
  • Mrs. Danielle Buselli
  • Mrs. Elena Cognasso
  • Mr. Marco Conti
  • Mr. Bogi Danialson Davidsen
  • Mr. Alessandro Ghiori
  • Mrs. Daniele Guillermin
  • Mr. Thomas Hatch
  • Mr. Ratimir Janekovic
  • Mrs. Gabriela Laugwitz
  • Mr. Francis Markette
  • Mr. Thomas Pallen
  • Mr. Paul Pecci
  • Mrs. Margaret Robertson
  • Mr. Paul Tolck
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Deeply Mozart
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